Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey

Orange Carpet Facility (OCF)

The renewed OCF will make visa issuance for Turkish business travelers much easier. It is a simplified visa application procedure for staff members of companies or other entities that have a significant and/or substantial business relation with the Netherlands, and a demonstrable need to visit the Netherlands regularly. This also applies to Turkish companies that want to invest in the Netherlands with support of NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency).


  • The applicant will be granted a first visa with a validity of 1 year, and a second and following visa with a validity up to five years.
  • The applicant does not have to apply for a visa in person (apart from the requirement to provide biometric information once every five years).
  • Exemption from providing a confirmed flight reservation, insurance, hotel reservation and proof of financial means when applying for a visa.
  • Your visa will usually be issued within three working days.


  • Dutch companies that have a subsidiary in Turkey or vice versa.
  • Turkish companies having a long term, substantial business relationship with a company in The Netherlands, and those whose employees travel frequently or plan to travel frequently to The Netherlands for business purposes and have a good visa - and business track record.
  • Companies that have a serious intent to invest in the Netherlands and are supported by the NFIA. 

Registration procedure:

Your company can apply for OCF-membership by filling in the application form and sending both this form and the required documents mentioned therein to: or The Embassy or Consulate-General will evaluate your application and inform you of their decision, normally within a few weeks.

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Further information:

In case of questions please mail to or