Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey

MATRA Projects Programme

Matra Social Transformation Programme Fund call for new proposal is now open

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invites Turkish civil society, non-profit educational institutions, lower governments and semi-governmental organizations to submit new proposals to get support for their work.

Deadline for submission of new proposals is 31 January 2017 (until midnight)

Important advice
We will only assess new applications that strictly followed the instructions on our application form. Due to the amount of proposals we have to apply a strict quality control at entry. So make sure that your proposal is submitted well before the deadline as it allows us to determine if all relevant information is provided. Also make sure to respect the maximum number of lines per field.  By submitting your proposal on the deadline you will run the risk of not being taken into account.

Matra funding programme
Matra is open for applications by local NGOs, non-profit educational institutions, lower governments and semi-governmental organisations. Twinning with Dutch organisations and with partners from other Matra countries or new member states is possible.

Priority areas
Matra works with country specific priority areas. Priority areas for Turkey are identified within the overall framework of rule of law:

  • Legislation and law;
  • Governance, public order and police;
  • Human rights and minorities.

Application procedure

  • The standard application and budget forms, found on this website should be submitted electronically to the address. These standard application forms should be completely filled out, otherwise the proposal will not be taken into consideration;
  • The project proposal should include:
    • Information on the applicant organisation and its most important achievements;
    • A detailed and transparent budget, estimating all costs and speci­fying each source of income, as well as all contributions from other partners;
    • Supporting relevant documents (depending on the specific activities proposed), such as CVs of experts, letters of support, etc.

Not eligible for funding under Matra are:

  • projects repeating previous projects or that were already under way before the application was submitted;
  • commercial activities;
  • projects with a predominantly academic focus, i.e. research;
  • projects that largely or exclusively involve the delivery of goods or materials;
  • infrastructural or construction projects;
  • bursaries or education programmes;
  • humanitarian aid;
  • feasibility studies and other research;
  • vehicles etc.

Financial aspects
The following financial aspects should be taken into account when applying to the Matra programme:

  • Project proposals with budgets ranging from €25.000 to €300.000 may be entered, although in practice most activities have budgets with the average of  € 100.000;
  • Although there is no minimum, projects in general should not be smaller than € 25.000,-;
    Organisations must prove that they are able to manage the project sum in a satisfactory manner; the embassy/consulate general may request reports by auditors.

Co-financing with other donors is possible if:

  • Matra’s visibility is guaranteed;
  • a clear, transparent description is given of the Matra activities;
  • the other sources of funding are also specified in the proposal and;
  • the budget balances.

Guidelines for assessing proposals
Please note that the project proposals will be evaluated according to the following guidelines:  

  1. The application must relate to one or more of the Matra priority areas mentioned above;
  2. The Aims, Results, Activities and Means are  clearly described in detail and realistic;
  3. The aims are feasible, sustainable and acceptable to all concerned, there should be enough moral support by the relevant parties for the project;
  4. The expected outcomes are measurable and the time path for realizing the project is clear and realistic;
  5. The target group and/or the implementing organization is clearly defined and actively involved in implementing the project and bears part of the burden of the project (financial or in kind);

Approval, contract, payment and reporting
If the project is approved, the applicant will receive two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. One copy must be signed and returned to the Netherlands Embassy in Ankara or the Consulate-General in Istanbul. Upon its receipt, the first instalment of the grant will be paid.

Within two months of finalisation of the project, the applicant is required to submit a narrative and financial report on the results achieved. The standard reporting formats which could be found on this website should be used and the financial report should refer clearly to the budget in the application and the narrative report should describe:

  • activities carried out to date;
  • project sustainability;
  • problems encountered;
  • achievements;
  • lessons learned;

Further information
If you are interested in the Matra programme, please contact:

  • The Embassy in Ankara for organizations whose head offices are located outside the Marmara Region

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Attention: Political Department
Hollanda Caddesi No:5 
06550 Yıldız/Ankara
e-mail address:

  • The Consulate-General in Istanbul for organizations whose head offices are located in the Marmara Region (Istanbul, Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Balıkesir, Bursa, Kocaeli, Çanakkale, Yalova, Bilecik, Sakarya)

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
İstiklal Caddesi 393
34433 Beyoğlu-İstanbul
e-mail address: