Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey

Dutch Human Rights Policy

The Netherlands’ human rights policy aims to strengthen human resistance to injustice and repression. We are attempting in a number of ways to help create conditions that foster respect for human rights.


The Netherlands focuses in particular on aspects of human rights where freedom, security and prosperity are mutually reinforcing. Special attention is devoted to promoting freedom of expression and internet freedom as a means of boosting democratization, particularly in the Arab world and in other regions where opportunities exist. Other rights that are fundamental to democracy and the rule of law also receive priority. First, freedom of religion and belief. The Netherlands continues to actively support the protection of religious minorities, partly in response to the alarming increase in violence against Christians seen in a number of countries.

Secondly, the Netherlands is a strong supporter of the equal rights of everyone to participate in social institutions and government. With its leading international position, the Netherlands is also active in the fight against two particular forms of discrimination, on the grounds of sexual orientation and of gender identity. At the interface between human rights and security, the Netherlands devotes particular effort to campaigning for action against and prosecution of genocide and war crimes. We consistently speak out against gross violations of human rights such as torture and extrajudicial disappearances. We actively support and protect human rights defenders, who are a driving force behind structural change in countries where fundamental rights are violated on a massive scale.

 At the interface between human rights and prosperity, the Netherlands promotes worldwide respect for fundamental labour standards such as the ban on child labour. This is not only a matter of speaking out against injustice, it also helps create a level playing field for Dutch and other companies.

For more information on the Dutch human rights policy, please visit the following website:

Human Rights Fund

To put these words into practice the Dutch government established the Human Rights Fund. With this fund the ministry and embassies can support local initiatives that strengthen the human rights situation in line with the above mentioned priorities.


To be eligible for support projects have to be in line with at least one of the following criteria:

Activities should make a capacity building contribution to:

·         Human rights organisations who are working in the field of fundamental freedoms and/or organisations who work on one of the priorities of the Dutch human rights policy, peace and security and the relation between human rights and economic development;

·         National governments to translate international obligations into national laws and procedures and to comply with them.

Activities that are not in the field of capacity building but touch upon the following themes will also be taken into consideration:

  • Activities that aim to strengthen the freedom of expression and the media diversity and internet freedom;
  • Activities aimed at the protection of human rights defenders;
  • Activities aimed at the equal treatment of homosexuals and the abolishment of the punishment under law of homosexuality;
  • Activities to strengthen the involvement of Dutch businesses to promote the human rights situation abroad;
  • Activities that hold governments accountable for the progressive implementation of economic, social and cultural rights;
  • Ratification of important human rights treaties (ICCPR, ICESCR, CERD, CEDAW, CAT and CRC) and the report duties that are resulting from these treaties;
  • Activities aimed at combating child labour.

Projects in Turkey

In Turkey we will pay special attention to four themes:

·         Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility with an emphasis on combatting child labour

·         Religious minorities

·         LGBT rights and gender issues

·         Freedom of expression with an emphasis on internet freedom

If you want to submit a project then please use our application form on this website. We will only take project proposals into consideration that use this application form.

On this website you will also find the forms for progress reports, financial reports and the end-project report.


If you want to get in touch with our human rights officers then please contact;

Mrs. Leyla Susan Barlas-Aslan  0090-212-3932133 or Ms. Deniz Yurdatap (assistant), 0090-212-3932136