Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey


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41 Renovations at the Consulate General in Istanbul

From July till September major intern renovations will take place at the historical Palais de Hollande and its office buildings. For this reason, there will be less (cultural) activities taking place during these summer months. All other work will continue as usual. The staff of the Consulate General wishes everyone an enjoyable summer.

42 Netherlands Education Support Office at the CG

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul is happy to host EP-Nuffic NESO Turkey (Netherlands Education Support Office Turkey) since June 2015. If you studied in the Netherlands and want to get connected with the Global Holland Alumni Network in Turkey, please register on! And, stay tuned with the Holland Alumni!

43 Announcement for people with the Dutch nationality (in Turkey)

Belangrijke mededeling met betrekking tot paspoortaanvragen in week 27 (29 juni t/m 3 juli) in Ankara en Istanbul: De afhandeling van paspoortaanvragen wordt vanaf deze zomer door Nederland overgenomen. De overheveling gaat per 29 juni 2015 van start. In week 27 (29 juni t/m 3 juli) kunnen geen paspoorten worden ingenomen op de Nederlandse vertegenwoordigingen in Turkije. In principe kunt u vanaf 6 juli weer een paspoort aanvragen in Ankara en Istanbul. Wij verontschuldigen ons voor het ongemak.

44 2015 Human Rights Tulip

Nominations for the 2015 Human Rights Tulip opened today. Until 15 July, anyone can nominate a candidate on the website The Human Rights Tulip is the Dutch government’s human rights award. Foreign minister Bert Koenders will present the prize and the bronze tulip-shaped statue to the winner on 10 December, International Human Rights Day. ‘At a time when human rights are under pressure, support for human rights defenders is more important than ever,’ said the minister. ‘Human rights defenders are struggling to improve human rights every day. They are heroes.’

45 International Day Against Child Labour

Today, June the 12th, is the international day against Child Labour. The most recent global estimates suggest that some 215 million children are involved in child labour. This persistence of child labour is rooted in poverty and lack of decent work for adults, lack of social protection, and a failure to ensure that all children are attending school through to the legal minimum age for admission to employment. Free and compulsory education of good quality up to the minimum age for admission to employment is a key tool in ending child labour. Attendance at school removes children in part at least from the labour market and lays the basis for the acquisition of employable skills needed for future.

46 Minister Koenders opens conference on 'Foreign Terrorist Fighters'

Today the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders opened a conference on 'Foreign Terrorist Fighters' in The Hague. More than 100 experts from the Global Counter terrorism Forum (GCTF), an organization which will be chaired by the Netherlands this fall, are attending the conference. Experts from the anti-ISIS coalition are attending the conference as well. Up to forty countries and international organizations have confirmed their presence.

47 Kingdom of the Netherlands - United Nations Security Council Candidate

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a longstanding commitment to the UN. We strongly believe in our partnership for peace, justice and development with the UN and its Member States. We work with our partners towards a better common future. By seeking election to the UN Security Council for the 2017-2018 period, we aim to make an even bigger contribution to building a more secure, just and prosperous world.

48 Istanbul Music Festival in the Consulate's Garden

Coming saturday, the 6th of June, Simon Murphy and The Hague’s Baroque orchestra ‘The New Dutch Academy’ (NDA) will perform at the garden of the Netherlands Consulate General. This special ‘breakfast concert’ is part of the 43rd Istanbul Music Festival.

49 NOTE: New rules on Turkish Residence Permit Applications

The way in which people with the Dutch nationality have to apply for their Turkish residence permit / extension has changed.

50 (Free) Concert at the Consulate General

Kapok Jazz Trio combines elements from very different genres and traditions; the energy and compact form of pop and funk; the grooves and percussion of roots music; the interaction and abstract sounds of free improvisation and the phrasing and harmonies of jazz. [read more]