Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey

Global Fundraising initiative ‘She Decides’

The Global Fundraising Initiative “She decides” is an initiative of Lilianne Ploumen, Netherlands minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. The aim of this Initiative is to join forces in support of the right of women and girls to decide, freely and for themselves, whether, when and how many children they have. “She decides” is not a new institutional mechanism but a way to rally financial support for sexual and reproductive health. “She decides” encompasses contributions by governments, private sector, non-governmental organisations and citizens to ongoing initiatives that improve access to lifesaving contraceptives, family planning and sexuality education.

Every day 830 women die due to the consequences of complications in pregnancy. Millions more attract dangerous infections or end up with permanent disabilities because of a lack of proper care. Almost a quarter of a billion women would like to prevent pregnancy or STDs but do not have access to modern, safe, methods of prevention.

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