Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey

Back-to-business in Istanbul

In Istanbul, the Dutch Economic Network Turkey together with the Dutch Business Association and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency organized a well-attended back-to-business seminar.

It was good to meet each other again after a turbulent summer, to talk about business, to network and to close some deals. We were glad to see that the added value of the posts network stays the same, or is even bigger in difficult times.

Before a cocktail with live jazz music, Muhammet Mercan (ING) and well-known columnist Mustafa Akyol talked in the Dutch Chapel (on the compound of the Consulate General) about the economic and political fall-out in Turkey; this session was professionally moderated by deputy Consul General Sylvia Deepen, who just assumed office. A lively debate made us all aware of at least three facts: Turkey has been through many crises (someone in the audience shared that this was his fifth coup to witness); the economic potential of Turkey is still very much present; and the political situation is complicated to such an extent that more seminars will be needed, and we as Dutch Economic Network in Turkey will gladly organize these.